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Start your investment journey quickly with Vista, a structured savings plan that allows you invest your money in funds towards your life goals. You can start by contributing USD 300 monthly and as your contributions add up over time, the funds you've invested in could also grow.

product _ icon tick green bg  Who is it for?

Vista may be suitable for you if:

You have more than USD 300 available after paying all monthly bills
Vista is best suited for people who want to save regularly in a disciplined manner and want to find ways of increasing the returns that they can get on these savings.

You need a cost effective investment
With Vista, charges are spread over a period of time rather than paid upfront.  

You accept a level of risk for the potential of better return
Unlike saving your money in a bank account, investing in funds involves a degree of risk – funds can go down as well as up. Each fund has its own risk rating, and your financial professional can help you understand what the right level of risk for you is.

You can stay invested for at least five years
If you're saving for long-term goals such as buying a house, or your retirement, then Vista may be suitable for you.
You also get access to take out some of the funds before you reach the end of your policy term.


For a full understanding of the products, please refer to the policy terms and conditions.

product _ icon stop  Who isn’t it for?

Vista might not be suitable for you if:

You don’t want to be tied into a fixed-term plan
Vista has limits on how much you can take out of your plan during its term. For some, this is a helpful way of ensuring they don’t waiver from their goals, but if this is not you, then other plans may better align with how you want to save.

You aren’t prepared for funds to fall in value
Investments go up and down in value. If you’re not comfortable with the possibility that there can be periods where your investment is worth less than you put in, then you might want to consider alternative savings options.

You have a time horizon of less than 5 years
Vista is better suited for people with medium to long-term goals, such as saving towards retirement or the university fees of young children. You decide on the term of the plan at the start – normally a period of 5 to 20 years.


Your plan, your way

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Save monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, whatever suits you

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Add additional insurance benefits: life cover and waiver of premium

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Get a joint plan with your partner

Everyone has different goals. We want to help you save for yours.


Source: Based on Zurich internal data as of April 2024.

*Standard & Poor’s 2024.


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