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Group life_

Group life

Give your people the security they
deserve, with life insurance benefits
and become the employer of choice.

Happy employees, wherever they are.

In today's job market, good benefits matter. Offering life insurance shows your employees you care. If something happens, their families get financial help. That's peace of mind for everyone.

Here's what we offer:

  • Protection: We cover death, critical illness, and disability
  • Easy management: One policy for everyone, less paperwork for you
  • Experts on hand: We help you choose the right plan for your company

Group life insurance, more than just a benefit

Zurich Group Life, Zurich Employee benefits

Group life

In case of death, employees' chosen beneficiaries receive a lump sum payment

Zurich Group Life, Zurich Employee benefits

Disability cover​

Offers a lump sum payment if an employee experiences total, partial, or temporary disability due to an accident or illness, rendering them unable to work.

Zurich Group Life, Zurich Employee benefits

Temporary total

Supporting employers by providing payments for up to two years to help cover salary costs if an employee becomes totally disabled due to an accident or illness.

Zurich Group Life, Zurich Employee benefits

Income protection​

If an employee is unable to work for an extended period due to illness or injury, this benefit offers a percentage of their income as continued financial support.

Zurich Group Life, Zurich Employee benefits

Accidental death coverage​

In the event of an employee's death resulting from an accident, this benefit offers an additional lump sum payment on top of the group life cover.

Zurich Group Life, Zurich Employee benefits

Accidental dismemberment coverage​

Paired with accidental death coverage, this benefit provides a lump sum payment if any of your employees experience dismemberment due to an accident.

Be better prepared with Zurich

years of collective global insurance experience

of all group life claims paid


employees across 1600+ companies worldwide are protected by our services

Zurich Insurance Group financial strength rating by Standard & Poor’s

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