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Life insurance

Life insurance

For you, and the ones who love you

Critical Illness Protection

Critical Illness Protection

If you get a serious illness like cancer or a heart attack, under our Critical Illness Protection plan, we'll pay you a lump sum amount. This will help you cover your living expenses, so you can focus on getting better.

Term assurance in UAE

Term assurance

Our simplest life insurance plan. We’ll pay out the insurance amount to your beneficiaries if you pass away during the term of your policy - it’s as simple as that.

Zurich Futura


Futura is our life insurance superhero. It protects you, and the ones you love, no matter what life throws at you. If you're not around anymore, it pays out a lump sum to your family, ensuring their financial security. That's not all, it also has your back if you get seriously ill or injured, with living benefits to help you through uncertain times. It's our most flexible plan that adapts to you, as your life evolves.

You might be wondering


Will Zurich pay my claims?

We paid 98.1% of life insurance claims over the last three years. The only time we decline a claim is due to non-disclosure of an existing health condition or a false claim.

We’re part of Zurich Insurance Group, one of the largest and most reliable global insurers since 1872.


How much does it cost?

Prices are based on the coverage amount and the term you choose, as well as your age, lifestyle and health profile.

How much life insurance do I need?

10x your salary is a rough calculation. It may sound like a lot, but just think about all the things it could be used to cover: a mortgage, debt, higher education, an emergency fund and more.


Will I need to go for a medical?

To give you an idea, 6% of customers in our target segment* go for medicals.

*up to 46 years with less than USD 1 million cover.

I am a diabetic or have a pre-existing condition, can I still be covered?

The short answer is yes. Our team is experienced with dealing with customers with pre-existing conditions.


Who can I talk to if I need help?

Our team of dedicated advisers will take the time to answer any questions you might have in order to help you find the solution that’s just right for you.

The best part? They’re not just qualified, but also committed to supporting you in the long term.

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